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Ashram consultancy

Posted by andy macey almost 12 years ago

I'm just leaving to undertake a consultancy

It's quite a straight forward job, I have designed several projects but this is a novel one.

It's is a straight forward brief, but rather than designing a system, is more about tweeking an existing design rather than starting a whole new one.

The client is known to me as is the site. It consists of a 3 mandala system a'la Linda Woodrow, however it is currently not run very effectivly and needs to be, as it supplies a proportion of the food eaten by up to 30 Ashramites plus visitors to the Kashmiri Shavaite yoga and meditation facillity.

There are little in the way of guilds, fruit trees and planting plans. Also a complete lack of chickens to rotate the system (read 1 chook lol).

There is no onsite composting despite the scraps left from 3 meals by a day for 30 people and plenty of prunings from the extensive ornamental gardens, as well as no onsite mulch production.

Today I am going to attend the site to access the improvements required and interview the client properly. Part of the brief is to provide a workable planting plan for the beds to effectively use the 6 month growing time between chooks

I have also been asked to give a talk on Permaculture to members of the Asram as well as volunteers who work in the garden which is very exciting and may well recruit some more Permie's!

Anyway I'll update as the project progresses! 

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Mark Brown
Mark Brown : looking forward to the update
Posted almost 12 years ago

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