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Buildings closer to finishing

Posted by Patrick O'Neill over 8 years ago

Work progressing really well through 2011. January 2012 sees work beginning on the clinic and education roofs. Expect project to be up and running mid-late 2012.

I have just returned from 3 weeks in India. Spent much of this time continuing with soil making, meeting local authorities who might help us and getting buildings ready for roofing.

A major job is the courtyard and associated stormwater control. This is being held over until the rofs are on as it would have interferred too much with the building workers.

Implementing the permaculture plan is being delayed by a lack of permanent water supply and site fencing. The project requires fencing to prevent herding animals from destroying the gardens and orchards.  The government has said it will pay for this infrastructure and thus we are at the mercy of their timing.

I am planning to get back there sometime later in the year to begin constructing compost toilets, animal shelters, water control features and orchard, market garden and herb plantings.

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