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Elena Parmiggiani
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Reggio Emilia, RE, Italy
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A teaching experiment

Posted by Elena Parmiggiani over 11 years ago

After many small steps, finally an intro to PDC!

I am happy. My training begun 3 years ago and I am now ready to learn teaching by doing. So far I have 14 students, in an Introduction to Permaculture Course.

I will update this page with pictures and more :)



After my PDC in Turkey with Bill Mollison and Goeff Lawton, I did quest for Permaculture as Bill suggested.

I have learnt many new skills, from how to make and use and A Frame to how to design and build a kitchen. But I was not really satisfed. Then, wanting to fill many gaps in my knowledge, i did andAdvanced RegenAg course, and few other courses.

In July 2011, finally and by absolute chance, I took a course with Rosemary Morrow: the Teacher's Training. Was it good? Yes! It was the best course of my life :)

During the course Rosemary told us about her way of teaching especially the PDC, but interestingly she gave us a brief overview of the Intro to PC course. She gave us advice and a list of teaching modules (12 subjects) to try in our own, as well as teaching methods, resources and objectives.

I had to go back to the farm and I knew I had to leave all the information settle down for a while. In the meantime a group of people from my hometown, Reggio Emilia, asked me to teach a PDC but for me was too much so I did a bit of compromise.


Instead of doing a full PDC, I gave them a 3 hours seminar to introduce the to the Permaculture Ethics and Principles, then if anybody was interested I could do an Intro to PDC.

In November I have started designing a 3 hour seminar, to be given the following December and January.

I created a powerpoint presentation about the Ethics and Principles, the origins, showed a bit of climate change/erosion problems.

Also I introduced them to some good practices, like rainwater harvest, compost, creative recycling, etc.

I showed them 2 short videos (which I have subtitled in Italian, with the help of a friend, Francesca):



I used a couple of games, from the web of life to the living statistic...

And surprisingly 22 people came over (in two sessions) and patiently listened to me and participated in games and discussions.


But at the end of it, some of them wanted more Permaculture!

Oh gosh, I was not convinced I could do an Into to PC by myself, so I decided to involve Francesca and Anna, who both took the Teacher's Training with me in July.

We met for a weekend to discuss the flow of subjects and the meaning of some of Rosemary comments or suggestions that seemed abit confusing.

The seminar was to be considered a taster wich the Intro would follow, so some aspects could be taken for granted, but i will not do that again.

The Intro to PDC outline

Duration: 24h +, over one saturday afternoon and 2 full sundays

Food: self catered

Accomodation: not needed, as the course was fpr local people


for the presentation: computer + projector

for the class: posters (handmade by me, different PC subjects), paper and pens, questionnaire, water exercise, permaculture box of tricks

extra: sourdough + recipe to make bread at home (don't ask... in Italy we have to do practical things like fermenting cabbages during a PDC, so in an Intro it seemed ok to give sourdough...)

Modules (1.3h each)

1) intro to the place and the people.

2) sector analysis. 

practical observation outside of the classroom.

3) what is permaculture. brief intro to Ethics, Principles

4) back to site analysis

5) water

6) soil

7) plants

8) structures

9) microclimates

10) design strategies

11) focus on special subject: in this case veg garden

12) design the site, practical design work


14 People attended. All in all i received great feedback, both good and bad. I have a lot to learn and improve but I have made it and I am very happy!!

Now I am working with Francesca and Anna in designing the PDC.

And we already received requests to do at least 4 PDCs in Italy this year.









Benvenuti Intro2 Intro Intro3 Intro4 Patterns Seminario Seminario2 Seminario3 Seminario4

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Tina Lymberis
Tina Lymberis : I'm so proud of you!!
Posted over 11 years ago

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