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Quality production of local seeds: how to

Posted by Jude Fanton almost 12 years ago

Require assistance to produce multimedia presentations. Based in Byron Bay, Australia

Jude and Michel  Fanton are preparing multi media presentations for future seed travels. Resources include 200 hours of footage we shot in 13 countries, photography and material we have already wrote and published. We typically spend six months a year on projects  and six months gardening and making preparations for next seed mission. Now is our time to be prepare ahead.

We need someone with relevent skills,  to assist with this project first on email, then skype,  then possibly interning with us in Byron Bay Oz. check our site and let us know.

We have  a range of powerpoints on seed and food cultures that we use routinely when we travel. However we are now preparing material from our photo, film footage and our in house botanical books library to produce  multimedia presentations for groups requesting assistance to start local seed networks and community seed enterprises. Will start in Malaysia and in Jordan from September on and and possibly other Middle East countries and the Balkans/Central Europe.

What material we have prepared: We have logged and captured on a 4TB raid system, over 200 hours of footage shot with A1p and V1P Sony in many pacific island nations. it is mostly on indigenous resilence and subsistence seed systems, food preparations and sharing food and resourcedn and also recently we shot more footage but this time with a very light Lumix still camera and iphone... in the Balkans France UK, Malaysian Borneo. All  about community reliance how people live well with less etc etc. also interviews on health from traditional diets shot in one swoop and produced without edits and rather poor sound of course- see some Iphone made clips on youtube.com/seedsavers

We have access to graphics and pix from 10 000 shots,  taken over the years on our seed trips (BTW we dont take seed away) in 25 countries plus, where we have worked. We have access to amazing content in farming systems,  home gardens and with real! characters.

There is also a number of translations of our seed handbooks we wrote translated in spanish Italian french, basque, madedonian bulgarian japanese and few more minor adaptations to make good use of. That is another under-utilised resource even though some are well published well as in italy and Japan.

Also our doco is subtitled in french, chinese, japanese, and portugese in progress.

Anyone wanting to be involved, with experience/studies that suits?

until we talk,


check our website to find out more.

it is late and i love to be out in the gardens at daybreak so sorry about not editing, formatting guys.

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