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New hot compost bays

Posted by Tim Auld about 7 years ago

Compost bays made out of leftover hardwood stakes and corrugated iron, cleared and built in a day by myself.

I had recently built a couple of compost piles on the ground. It is hard to contain, judge volume, and keep weeds out. It also takes more area than a bay system, and I can't be bothered with chicken mesh. So I decided to put together some old materials I had laying around to make 2 cubic meter hot compost bays.

It is right next to the driveway so I can throw materials off my ute and directly into the pile (no double handling). The leachate will go into the nearby path/swale for soil organisms to grab hold of and plants to take up.

I attached a bee/wasp condo and rain gauge to the rear right post. There will be a trellis going up on the garden side, and vetiver and comfrey going on the driveway side to hide the corro from the road.

Watching Dr. Elaine Ingham's True Fertility workshop has inspired me to build compost on a regular basis, monitor the temperature, experiment with the recipe, and brew compost tea (see photo of my 50L brewer).

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