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Posted by Emre Rona over 10 years ago

Ankara permaculture group started activities!

Ankara (Türkiye) based permaculture enthusiasts started gathering, meeting and organising activites!

With the first meeting held in January 2011, permaculture enthusiasts from Ankara began dreaming and planning activities together, incorporating permaculture ethics and techniques towards ideals and goals beneficial to a greater amount of earth and people in the region.

This process has probably hastened after the PDC course of November 2010 - Istanbul, with Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton.

Ankara has a population of around 4.5 to 5 million, with around 90 % of this population living in the city and town centres. This probably indicates that the group's focus will be on urban approaches to permaculture practice, backed up by current and future social, economical and educational relations with rural areas surrounding the city.

This can be considered a transitional phase to a more sustainable way of life (starting with educating the citizens about the world we live in, and the world that we want to live in), hopefully leading to an interactive network of people that 'thinks global, acts local'.

Günesköy Cooperative (founded in 2000), will be happy to help during this process by sharing valuable knowledge and land, especially for organisational, educational and demonstration purposes on permaculture and organic farming. (Günesköy will possibly be announced as a project in this global network soon.) Please check out their website:


Educational gatherings are being planned for 2011 in Ankara region, including seminars and introduction courses to permaculture, hopefully leading to an official PDC course.

We'll be updating soon.

See you later!



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EBRU VURAL : Bunu gormek icin 5 ay kadar gecikmisim :))) Caban icin tesekkurler...Etkinlik duyurularini girelim arka arkaya o zaman ;) Duvar?ma ben de birkismini kopyalayip yapistiriyorum o zaman ;) Sevgiler...
Posted almost 10 years ago

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Emre Rona
Emre Rona : :)
Posted almost 10 years ago

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