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Karamea, West Coast, New Zealand
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LivinginPeace Project Permaculture Design Course (PDC)

Posted by Paul Murray almost 9 years ago

Come and join us for the 2013 PDC in Sunny Karamea at the top of the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand...see you there!

Permaculture Design Course in Karamea


(May 14 to May 28, 2013)

The course will cover theory and practice in Permaculture and will be held on our developing permaculture farm.

Course Outline:

The PDC held at The Living Peace Project/Rongo Backpackers & Gallery from May 14 to May 28, 2013 will be slightly different to most other PDC’s. The full theoretical curriculum will be presented, but we will also be expanding the classroom out into the surrounding environment and conducting practical workshops so that students will go home with all the theoretical information, but also with confidence, ability and skills to put their course material into practice.

Practical aspects of the course will include:

**A 21-day compost pile will be built and tended throughout the PDC.Students will partake in practical permaculture demonstrations and activities.A workshop on aquaculture/aquaponics.
An excursion to True Blue Organics to see the process of extracting essential oils.

**Establish gardens and plant trees as well as examining the decomposing process in a natural forest system.

**Visit permaculture farms in the Karamea region.

**Visit old-growth forest systems in the Karamea region.

On completion of the PDC each graduate will receive a LivinginPeace Project Permaculture Design Course certificateThe students will also receive the diversity of 3 teachers all of whom are very experienced and knowledgeable in specific areas. Specialty subject teachers ensure the students receive the most critical information throughout the 72-hour programme.

On completion of the PDC, students may choose to stay on to experience life on a working permaculture farm.(Accommodation at the discounted rates as listed below)

LivinginPeace Project PDC Certificate

Course Fee Structure:Course Fee: NZ$1,200 per person

Meals: $20 per person per day(Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) (Morning and Afternoon Tea supplied)

Accommodation Options available at discounted rate fro PDC students at:

Rongo Backpackers & Gallery: www.rongobackpakcers.com
Karamea Farm Baches: www.karameafarmbaches.co.nz

Please see Web site for more details:


PDC TESTIMONIAL by 2012 Students Anneliese McNaughton and Luc Gregoire

We had been wwoofing for The LivinginPeace Project for four months. It was a really good time and an awesome experience. 

We were offered the chance to do the PDC with the LivinginPeace Project for the end of October 2012. We receive a huge amount of theoretical and practical information. The lecturers, LivinginPeace Project Farm Manager Dave Tailby and Founder Paul Murray, covered what is usually done in PDC with Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton, but also  added their personal experiences, which was a real bonus. 

Dave shared his knowledge about composting, practical design, landscaping-earthwork,  working with animals (ducks, sheep, chickens) and Paul concentrated on Collective project around permaculture and the financial and legal possibilities of these projects with ecotowns, trusts, other ways of banking and fundraising.

They also included other guest speakers from around the community and throughout New Zealand.We visited Peter Curreen who has a long established permaculture farm in Karamea. We also recieved a presentation by Annalise Runarsson about aquaculture and the possibilities of growing food in conjunction withraising fish.

The LivinginPeace Project farm fits very well for a PDC. There is a big veggie garden, a food forest, sheep, chickens, ducks, some awesome people around to share their experiences and some very good food for the students in the garden.  The LivinginPeace Project is a very good example of a collective project built around permaculture principles. This PDC has changed our way of thinking, of looking at things, we warmly recommend everybody to do their PDC there.

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Permaculture Design Course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Bill Mollison
Other Teachers: Geoff Lawton
Location: Melbourne University
Date: Sep 2009

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