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Chop (peck) and drop

Posted by Jennifer Wadsworth almost 10 years ago

Cycling out a pea crop and replacing with tomatoes.

It's that time of year when my cool season crops are fading and it's time to plant warm season crops.

Yesterday we cut down the sugar snap peas that have kept me and a dozen others stuffed with goodness for the past couple of months. Each year, the sugar snap peas seem to get sweeter and sweeter. I've had people tell me my sugar snaps are the best they've ever eaten. They are pretty damn good - I have to admit!

I also discovered that the water in the pea area was not working. So the peas have been sustaining themselves on rainwater that fell about 3 weeks ago. Temps have been warm for this time of year (80-90+) so I was surprised the plants were still going. Pretty good for desert soils!

Now the tomatos will have a turn in that bed. We planted 6 out of 12 plants - all of them various cherry tomato types. And while I've had success with other tomatos, the cherry type really produces best in our shorter "warm" months before they croak in August.

Of course, we left the pea roots in the ground when we cut them down. And as an intermediarey step to "chop and drop", we gave some of the vines to the hens to nibble on before using them as mulch.




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