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John Champagne
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Brogo, NSW, Australia
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Bamboo Workshop

Posted by John Champagne almost 12 years ago

2 Day bamboo workshop with Will Eastlake coming up at The Crossing Land Education Centre near Bermgui on 9th & 19th April. Details at www.permaculturedesign.com.au

About Will Eastlake

Will began experimenting with bamboo as a structural and artistic medium during his architectural studies at University of Canberra. He has recently returned from a year living in Thailand learning from locals and experimenting with various species. Now 7 years on and having attained a Masters in Architecture, Wills passion for working with bamboo has continued to grow and has motivated him to promote bamboo as an accepted sustainable building material in Australia.
 Key projects Will has been involved in using bamboo;

  • Sculptures by the Sea major grant recipent
  • 2 x Peats Ridge festival structural installation
  • Roofing and structural works at the Panya Project permaculture farm in Northern Thailand
  • Structures at Corin Bank festival (Canberra) and Cultural Stomp festival (Newcastle)

Will is currently excited about his new project, a large bamboo stage and marquee to promote the sustainable material at festivals.

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