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Rhonda Ayliffe
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Cobargo, NSW, Australia
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Cool Temperate
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open day at sams creek

Posted by Rhonda Ayliffe over 12 years ago

launching sams creek bookworks and more!

On National Permy Day (Sunday May 1) - we are hosting our first open day here at Sams Creek as a fund-raiser for our small public school in Cobargo.

(vege garden here at sams creek)


As well as opening up our emerging transitional permy garden (and it is very much a garden space in transition... not an advanced example of permaculture!) we will be hosting an 'under the eaves' art exhibition, 'kids in the courtyard' art show, and the main focus of the day - I will be launching sams creek bookworks - my bookbinding/calligraphy/letterpress studio.

sams creek bookworks is a traditional book arts studio space - with chandler and price letterpress, lovely traditional bookbinding tools (many of which you'll only find in a museum) and of course handmade books!


(mmmmm the big C&P letterpress)


Now - it may seem unusual for many permy folk to see an arty/crafty event listed here - but I envisage my arts practice as an integral element of our permaculture lifestyle - and with sams creek bookworks my aim is to show/share how permaculture can operate in and out of the farm/garden/home/studio/work.... life


if you're in the area - I encourage you to drop by, and share your permy wisdom and ideas


you read more here: http://samscreekbookworks.blogspot.com



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My Permaculture Qualifications
permaculture design certificate
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: John Champagne
Other Teachers: Hugh Gravestein, Phil Gall, Kathleen McCann, Aaron Sorensen, Julie Davies, Daniel Deighton
Location: Bermagui
Date: Oct 2010

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