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Mambal, Bali, Indonesia
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Wet Tropical
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Jiwa Damai

Jiwa Damai

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Permaculture Design Course Through the Heart

Posted by Margret Rueffler over 8 years ago

Experiencing #Permaculture through the heart presents a unique opportunity to combine the theoretical Permaculture design method with “hands-on” experience, complementing the active physical engagement with the soil with an inner attitude of appreciation

Permaculture Design Course Through The Heart

This program is the first of its kind, working with the psychological framework of the mind, theoretical Permaculture principles, design and planning, planting, harvesting – all in alignment with the heart. It grounds the intellectual Permaculture approach through allowing a direct connection with the heart, a loving approach to ones Self, the other and the earth with its life-giving Flora and Fauna, to unfold.

For this course is for all who wish to make a positive and effective change in their own lives and act as a change agent; for farmers, growers, gardeners, teachers, educators, town planners and more.

Facilitators: An international team of Permaculture Design and HeartSelf-IntelligenceTM specialists, Neil Dwij Willmann, Daruma eco farm founder in Thailand; Margret Rueffler, founder of Jiwa Damai permaculture center Bali and Lagu Damai foundation, Johanes Wibowo, manager of Green school Bali gardens, will teach and assist through the intellectual and experiential learning process. For detailed info click here: http://jiwadamai.net/education-activities/

Module 1 Sun 01 – Sat 07 Feb 2015

Modules 1-3 Sun 01 – Sat 21 Feb 2015

To receive a confirmation of the Permaculture Design Through the Heart completion, participation in all 3 modules is required.

The 3 modules Design Course content follows the standards, topics and number of hours laid out by Bill Mollison, the founder of Permaculture. Upon completion you will receive a Certificate of Completion as a Permaculture designer (72 hours +).

The theoretical and hands on learning is complimented by a daily early morning yoga session and an evening heart meditation.

For more information visit us at http://jiwadamai.net/ or call us at +62 (0) 361 898 8384 or you can always write us at [email protected]

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