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Rhonda Ayliffe
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Cobargo, NSW, Australia
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Cool Temperate
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bega valley floods..... change our plans slightly...

Posted by Rhonda Ayliffe over 12 years ago

rescheduling the opening of the sams creek studio/ garden/farm

last week our region experienced the second largest flood recorded (the biggest ever was the 1971 monster) .... here's our little creek - flood waters are dropping rapidly (usually a small stream) ....

sams creek flood waters

The Bega Valley is much flatter than our hilly place - so things were a whole lot more serious - low lying houses, businesses and farms were flooded with wide spread devasation to land and infrastructure.... Aside from this being a timely reminder of the need to plan for flooding (and NOT ploughing your paddocks in the wetter months, as I noticed some farms now stripped of topsoil had done), I'm mostly posting here as the floods have impacted plans for our open day at sams creek (originally scheduled for may 1 - national permy day!). We are now planning to open sasm creek bookworks and the garden here at Sams Creek sometime in october 2011.... date yet to be determined.

keep an eye on the dedicated blog for updates:



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My Permaculture Qualifications
permaculture design certificate
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: John Champagne
Other Teachers: Hugh Gravestein, Phil Gall, Kathleen McCann, Aaron Sorensen, Julie Davies, Daniel Deighton
Location: Bermagui
Date: Oct 2010

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