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Update workshops Kalen

Posted by Jan Zijlstra about 12 years ago

The workshops Kalen organised about Field observing, Sector planning, Designing the field and Water harvesting were quite a success and certainly fun to do.

So, it has been a while I wrote here on this site. That does not mean I have not been doing anything interesting to write about. On the contrary, the past few weeks were wonderful and filled with action.

After the first workshop 3 others have followed; Sector planning, Designing the field and last Saturday Water Harvesting.

At the first three workshops the accent was a lot on the theoretical part. With a small group of people we looked into the design part of our land. Although it was good fun and we all learned a lot, our hands were tingling to get into the soil.

But that had to wait for two weeks. The next weekend my girlfriend and I visited Permaship in Bulgaria. What a weekend well spend. How energizing it is to meet such a friendly people, so willing to share their experiences and open for any suggestion. Not only we learned how to build a pond, we played music, watched movies and listened to what others wanted to share. For sure we made some friends for the future.

Fully energized we returned in time for the fourth workshop. After a brief explanation about the whys, whats and the hows of Water Harvesting we set out to dig one big swale on the field and a few small ones around the fruit trees.

Everything seemed to go our way, the weather was wonderful, 20 persons very eager to dig, to learn, to share their experiences, and enough tools around.

After 3 hours of setting out the contours of the swales, digging, drinking tea or coffee and having fun, enjoying the presence of 4 visiting friends and playing with the soil, we were all tired but highly satisfied; a swale of 25 meter was dug out and a few other short ones were completed as well.

Finally we reached the action part of permaculture, something which made all of us very happy. I've never seen so many people hoping for rain and when it finally came after three days, many were very curious to know how the swale filled up.

What does a permaculturist wants more in his/her life; I do walk around with a big smile on my face for four days already:)

In a few days we already have the next workshop; Raised Beds and Keyhole gardens. I look forward to it!


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