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Dee G. Atkin
Hurricane, Utah, United States
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Semi Arid
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Cotton Wood Creek Farms

Cotton Wood Creek Farms

Hurricane, US

Andy Monks
Geoff Lawton
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About Dee G. Atkin

Dee G. Atkin – Has enjoyed success in many fields over a long entrepreneurial career. As a young businessman he created an auto and truck repair business that over an 8 year period expanded to include a parts store, used car dealership, and Kawasaki motorcycle dealership. Over the years he has founded and sold multiple ventures including a trademarked plush toy, a residential construction company, a steel manufacturing company, a mortgage company, and a trucking company. He spent 15 years developing a high tech consultancy that serviced such clients and the US Postal Service, The City of Topeka Kansas, The Kansas Bureau of Investigation, 911 dispatch centers, and many other government and commercial clients. In 2002 Dee’s entrepreneurial interests converged in the pinnacle project of his career, the Sunrise Valley land development. Based on Christopher Alexander's landmark works "A timeless way to build" and "The Pattern Language" this 825 acre new urban community that include a constructed wetlands waste treatment system, and a center piece 19 acre working farm was valued at over $65M in 2008. As the fallout from the real estate bubble worsened Dee chose to relinquish his equity to protect his investors.

While developing Sunrise Valley Dee's future wife Lisa presented him Bill Mollison's "Introduction to Permaculture" and he has never looked back! Geoff's mentorship through the online PDC has been absolutely marvelous and Dee and Lisa have registered for Geoff's 10 day PDC at Zaytuna farms.

With his wife and partner Lisa Dee has completed Geoff Lawton's permaculture design course and is finishing his certification as a Nutritional Therapist. They own a 10 acre suburban farm property that is destined to become a true wellness center where guests will learn Permaculture principles to nurturing the land; produce nutrient rich foods nurturing the body while participating in the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and community garden nurturing the soul. We envision providing PDC options as the Wellness center evolves.

Together we grow!


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Consultant Aid worker Pdc teacher
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2014 Geoff Lawton Online Permaculture Design Course
Type: Online Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course
Teacher: Geoff Lawton
Location: ON Line
Date: Jan 2014
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