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Niek Steverink
emmeloord, Flevoland, Netherlands
Climate Zone:
Warm Temperate

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About Niek Steverink

Hey people!

First of all, Know that i'm going for this WITH MY LIFE! Str8 Up.

My name is niek im 21 years old and i was born in holland at the farm of my dad and when i was 2 my mom moved to a small city where i was brought up and still live Today, the city of Emmeloord ^^ went to school with lots of varieety in people, alot of diffrent colours and diffrent country's.
i never liked school even though i had lots of friends.
and i stopped going there when i was 15 and without a diploma.
then i felt kind of uneducated so i started to research the things i wanted to know Online.
and found out Alot about the world and, i dont see this system being succesfull in the future and thats how,

i got into contact with permaculture, because i wanna live independantly from the system and also because i care about my health
And the Health of the Earth. ^_^
so i started to do a permaculture coarse , March Last year (2010) and i finished it december 2010.
I had a great teacher, his name is Ishi Crosby and he has lots of experience with permaculture and i learned alot from him.
also for the coarse i had to do a project,

and my project is a small food forrest that i do on my dad's farm and it's growing nicely! it's only the first year but i already atracted lots of Life!
Worms!! and mice and snails and beatles and bee's and moles nd soo many other creature that wanna work with me, and im building the soil right now with lots of mulch and horse manure from the neighbours, and i made a Worm binch where i trow my kitchen scraps in and horse manure.
they are also doing fine.
the forrest is about 550 square meters,
i got apples, pears,cherrys,plumes,hazel nuts,kiwi's and too many diffrent kind of berry's to write especially in english >.<
and also have alot of plants to atract bee's and beans and clover to get nitrogen in the soil.
and alot of vegetables, not nearly enough..
because i think i kind of got carried away and now my garden is huge and i dont know what to do with all the space! but at the same time i have confidence that i'll figure it out,
Because right now i have Plenty of things that i wanna do in the forrest!

And also i'm looking for people that wanna help me in the garden/forrest
to help me think of things to make, but more importantly have fun while doing it!

the Fun part i realised ,is realy important!
Thats why my plans are right now while everything is growing, to make a fireplace with own made wooden benches around it, and a small well, and also some shelter from the rain in the middle of my garden, also i wanna make a chicken house for 4 or 5 chickens. with a chicken tractor,

and who knows make a place where People can Unite too make plans and to help eachother out
And ofcourse have fun! i Was thinking to use the old goat barn for that, change it on the inside and make a little house out of it.
but those are just ideas in my head, anyway
I will upload some photo's of my garden later, so you can see more clearly.
Thanks for reading ^_^



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