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James Manning
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Minneola, Florida, United States
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Sub tropical
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St. James Garden

St. James Garden

Minneola, US


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Casa Azul Mountain Tranquility Farm The Orlando Center for Urban Permaculture Windermere Backyard Permaculture Cleburne Gardens
Nes Abdu
Alan Enzo Geoff Lawton Tim Eastham
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About James Manning

Lifelong Florida resident. I grew up on 5 acres at the highest point of the Lake Wales Ridge, and helped my father rebuild it from a rundown cow pasture by planting an abundance of trees and plants and having a family garden. The outdoors and plant life in general was an early part of my life.

Having spent 15 years in the IT industry I began to try to reconnect with some of that by hiking throughout Florida on weekends. Hiking definitely re-established that connection with what I felt was "real" and tangible.

From there the fascination was set aflame by reading Phil Nauta's book on Building Soil Naturally. I was astounded by the soil life and processes that take place under our feet, what's more I was astounded that I was fascinated by dirt!

After that I stumbled on Permaculture Design and was hooked. Encountering a system that is holistic and works to mimic nature and is largely self-serving was all it took.

I went on to achieve my PDC from Dr. Alan Enzo.

As of mid-2020 I am working to implement (and adjust) my PDC design at my residence. It will serve as a learning, research, propagation, and demonstration site.

I am working now to lay the foundation for a consultancy in mid-2021 and to transition my career in that direction.


Thoughts on Mulching with Wood Chips

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My Badges
My Permaculture Qualifications
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Dr. Alan Enzo
Location: Online
Date: Jan 2018

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