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Lviv, Ukraine
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About Vitaliya Lazorkina

Let me introduce myself: Vitaliya Lazorkina, 38 years old, Lviv, Ukraine. One of the main purposes of my being is to educate people how to live in harmony with nature, themselves, to save our city/region/planet for the future and next generations.

A couple years ago I'd began to be intrested in organic farming and discovered permaculture.

Summer 2011: I participated in the first permaculture design course in Ukraine which had taken in Lubske ecovillage. This course was leaded by professional permaculture expert George Sobol.

Summer 2012: this year I and my friends organizing the 2nd design course in region where we live - Wowkiv village (near Lviv city, Ukraine). Please visit our course presentation:

Next steps: to continue implementation our plan - to create the FIRST eco-centre in West Ukraine (Carpathian's region)


"Permaculture Design Course"

December 9 - 21, 2013 in Lviv, Ukraine will be offered

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