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Samuel Antonanzas-Martinez
South Bend, Indiana, United States
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Cool Temperate

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CSA Shaun

Clay town, US

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About Samuel Antonanzas-Martinez

I was a journalist in Spain. I move to the United States in 2009 following my wife who is getting a PhD in Medieval Studies at the University of Notre Dame. Now I'm a full time homeworker and I take care of my 2 years old daughter. I'm also a seasonal gardener and farmer.

Since my teens I always wanted to escape from civilization and get lost in the mountains raising goats and making cheese. Stead of pursuing my dream I followed the pack and studied a useless career (I got a bachelor degree in communication studies and a bachelor degree in international studies). I knew that something was wrong with our way of living. I kept reading political essays but non of them seemed to offer a real alternative. When I was not working as a journalist I worked in conventional agriculture and farming. But I didn't feel that my dream was there either. After visiting Los Angeles for a year I begun to be interested in organic gardening and small scale farms. Then I discovered permaculture and now, for the first time, I am fulfilling my dreams.

I am involve in three projects, all four located in South Bend:
a) Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). 2 acres garden, natural and organic practices, 15-20 families will be fed during the pick of the season.
b) School Garden at the "El Campito" kindergarden. This is the first year so I will be happy if my chickens get rid of the grass and fertilize the soil. I will do some gardening. My plant is to create a food forest.
c) Michiana Urban Food Forest (MIUFF). For now, MIUFF is just the name of a google group. Our dream it is to plant food forest in the city vacant lots.
d) Marjala Ecocitris. This is a 10 acres organic farm in Spain. Every time that I'm in Spain I work for them. Pepe Marjala, the owner, is very interested in homeopathy for plants. So I try to keep him up to date in any new infor that I come across.

Please, feel free to email me if you get involve in any of this projects.

All the best,


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