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Graham Calder
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Montreal, QC, Canada
Climate Zone:
Cold Temperate
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El Rancho Zapote (2015-2016)

El Rancho Zapote (2015-2016)

Telchac Puerto, MX

P3 Permaculture

P3 Permaculture

Montreal, CA


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Aloha Mahi'ai WeTheTrees Crowd Funding Platform Aflorecer: Arts, Music and Cultural Exchange Yucatan Permaculture Experiment GREEN BEAT FARM- TULUM, MEXICO Casa Caracol Tulum Casa Autosuficiente Urban Permaculture Research Center in Mexico  Le Noyau & La Ferme des 7 Nations Canary Farm Permaculture Institute Grenville Permaculture Food Forest and Farm El Rancho Zapote (2015-2016) McGill Permaculture Food Forest Solace Natural Design
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About Graham Calder

Brought up on a 75 acre subsistence farm surrounded by a pristine forest, on the eastern seaboard of Nova Scotia, Canada.

He was gardening before he could walk and was designing rainwater catchment systems by age ten. His childhood was largely sculpted by David Suzuki’s The Nature of Things and by the forestry industry, which stripped the land that he knew. Life led him to study a specialization in The Human Environment with a minor in Biological Ecology at Concordia University in Montreal.

At this point in his life, with the glamour’s of academia coming to a halt, he discovered Permaculture: Greening the Desert by Geoff Lawton. Soon after he founded P3Permaculture.ca, People for the Profit of the Planet: A Social Enterprise in 2009. He began with small-scale design projects until he was on his way to Denman Island, to learn how to set up and run the Permaculture Design Certification course (PDC) which he took with Jesse Lemieux, at Pacific Permaculture.

Furthering his experience, he undertook various suburban and urban projects in both Montreal and Sydney. After this, he received a two-month apprenticeship under Geoff Lawton's supervision, from The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia (PRI). While in Australia he took specific certifications in Earthworks and PDC Teacher Training. Upon completion of this apprenticeship he returned Montreal to co-ordinate the implementation and design of RealiTea, an urban farming project at Concordia University's Loyola Campus. Based in Montreal him and his team, currently runs 2 part-time and 2 full-time PDC a year, along with design consultations and many hands-on workshops in the city, in the maritimes and abroad. For more details: www.p3permaculture.ca


Travel with a Positive Impact

Posted almost 8 years ago (1 comments)

Fall PDC underway!

Posted almost 8 years ago (0 comments)

Permaculture Course filling up fast

Work trade and early bird discount still available!

Posted over 10 years ago (0 comments)

Just Got hired to design a Heritage Park In Chester, Nova Scotia using permaculture techniques

This Project is going to demonstrate the History of the Chester Basin, with a permaculture Twist.

Posted over 11 years ago (0 comments)

AQUACULTURAL REVOLUTION -The scientific case for changing salmon farming

Many prominent scientists and First Nation representatives speak their minds about the salmon farming industry and the numerous problems associated with it in the film Aquacultural Revolution.

Posted over 12 years ago (0 comments)

Available Soil testing services for Canada and USA by Province/State

Hey everyone this is a great resource for Designers and anyone going into organics. It is a resource website that gives you all kinds of sites for information pertaining to organic agriculture. It is kind of a life line. The tests they provide are fo

Posted over 12 years ago (0 comments)
My Badges
Consultant Aid worker Pdc teacher
My Permaculture Qualifications
Other course verified
Earthworks Certification
Type: Earthworks
Verifying teacher: Geoff Lawton
Other Teachers: Peter Brecknock
Location: Permaculture Research Institute of Australia
Date: Feb 2010
Other course verified
PDC Teacher Training
Type: Teacher Training
Teacher: Geoff Lawton
Location: The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia
Date: Mar 2010
72 hour permaculture design certification
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Jesse Lemieux
Other Teachers: Jon Gemmell, Owen Hablutzel
Location: Denman Island
Date: Jun 2009
Other course unverified
Food Forest Design
Type: Other
Teacher: Dave Jacke
Location: Quebec
Date: Aug 2012
97 PDC Graduates (list)
0 PRI PDC Graduates (list)
2 Other Course Graduates (list)
have acknowledged being taught by Graham Calder
0 have not yet been verified (list)
Climate Zones
Graham Calder has permaculture experience in:
Cold Temperate
Cool Temperate
Warm Temperate
Sub tropical
Wet/Dry Tropical
Wet Tropical
Dry Tropical
Semi Arid
Cold Arid
Cold Desert
Hot Desert

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