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Marie Claire Gagnier
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Cool Temperate
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Geoff Lawton Graham Calder jennifer constable Robyn Rees Wen Rolland
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About Marie Claire Gagnier

My Permaculture story is one of love and a deep "YES!".

After completing my first permaculture certification in 2011 in Nova Scotia, I finally got the sense that others share the same thirst for abundance, healing, and care for the earth and each other. It was one of the most inspiring two weeks of my life. And I began integrating my new world lens in designing my own life.

Born and raised in Montreal, I am a burgeoning yoga instructor, goal coach, writer, and children's entertainer. I might be described as laid-back, loving, a modern bohemian, or even rustic with a chic twist.

Permaculture fit like a glove in the vision I have for my life. Graham Calder and I, two snow-loving but only for a few weeks Canadians, have cleverly designed our lives to be able to travel and teach in location of the world that appeal to us.

By teaching PdCs abroad and locally, we are taking the "people care" ethic to heart. New avenues are created each year for us to share our passions and bliss, and create an abundant future for all those like-minded.


P3 Permaculture


My Permaculture Qualifications
P3 Permaculture, NSPdc
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Graham Calder
Location: Antigonish, Nova Scotia
Date: Aug 2011

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