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Diploma: Regenerative Design | El Manzano Chile

Posted by Grifen Hope over 8 years ago

What will it take for us to Thrive? This learning experience will provide opportunities for participants to develop a broad range of values, knowledge, and skills for creating their own sustainability projects in their own communities. Participants will

Design's Coming Revolt: Its Here ...

We are in the midst of an education revolution!

So what does the new teaching and learning paradigm look like? What kind of learning experiences are transformative? What kind of institutions are equipping the leaders of today and tomorrow? How we 'teach' for sustainbility literacy?

22–26 Febuary 2012

El Manzano, BioBio Chile

Price from CLP$ E3 104.000 | E2 156.000 | E1 208.000 includes all food and acomodation.

Book Here | Join our Network here

Contáctanos Hoy

Comunicarse con Javiera Carrion by email or telephone +56-9-74322221. Javiera will help you through the application process.

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What about | What is | What Learn | Who should come | The Team | Fee & Payments | Venue

What will it take for us to Thrive?

This learning experience will provide opportunities for participants to develop a broad range of values, knowledge, and skills for creating their own sustainability projects in their own communities.

Participants will leave with a wealth of inspiration and materials that enable them to start working for change in their own regenerative enterprise.

The workshop offers:

  • Incubate your project, business, organisation, community.
  • Lead you to mentors and allies you need.
  • Assist you develop the competencies of a sustainability professional.
  • Develop an online portfolio of work.
  • Evaluation of your personal, project and professional learning.
  • Accreditation with Gaia University.

Apply Now

The Orientation Workshop may be taken as part of a Diploma pathway, or as a Stand Alone advanced workshop.

Workshop Only: To take the Orientation workshop as a stand alone event please complete the Booking Form here.

Diploma Pathway: To apply for admission to a Diploma of Applied Permaculture Design pathway please complete the Application Form here.

Contáctanos Hoy

Comunicarse con Javiera Carrion by email or telephone +56-9-74322221. Javiera will help you through the application process.

An Action Learning Event

This is a participatory design workshop, offered as an experiential learning event in a collaborative working environment.

The workshop is participant centred. We will be utilizing the knowledge and skills of participants working in design teams in the development of real world projects.

Specific theory may include:

  • The action research model of learning and change.
  • The power of unlearning.
  • Established and emergent ecosocial design methodologies.
  • The nature of integrative design, including permaculture, ecovillage and organizational design.
  • Strategies for increased influence and effectiveness as ecosocial designers and activists.
  • The dynamics of working on a design team.
  • Social organization – the consensus model, decision-making methods, meeting methods, leadership issues.
  • An introduction to regenerative economics.
  • The latest thinking about the socio-technical evolution of human societies, including historical perspectives.
  • Understanding the competence & attention model from Spiral Dynamics.

Learning Outcomes

Our learning pathways and events are focused on the development of sustainability literacy and regenerative design.

Through a mix of self-directed project work, group learning experiences and peer to peer support systems we develop the generic values, knowledge and skills required to resolve the ecological, social and economic problems and catalyse systemic change in the 21st Century.

These competencies include:

  • Articulating emerging worldviews.
  • Critical & creative thinking.
  • Emotional & physical wellbeing.
  • Personal sufficiency & sustainable living.
  • Transformative Action Learning
  • Grounded economic awareness – the ability to drive sustainability improvements in the workplace • the business case for sustainability • life cycle costing • basic business knowledge • transforming business • more adequate local economic models • financial viability • innovation & rethinking business
  • Working with Systems – the ability to recognize inter-connections within and between systems • manage complex sustainability problems • Gaia theory & Ecoliteracy • systems thinking.
  • Strategic and futures thinking – the ability to create positive visions for the future • futures thinking • strategic thinking and planning.
  • Effective communication skills – the ability to expose discourses that undermine sustainability and resist them • facilitation & training groups • influence change inside and outside the organisation • new media literacy • marketing strategies.
  • Finding like-minded people for cooperative efforts – organisational skills • leadership • project management • problem solving • adaptability • transdisciplinary teams • consensus building • inspiring and motivating others • design leadership • team building• effective collaboration • establishing and managing priorities • project management.

What kind of people should come?

This event is suitable for a wide range of students and professionals in the government, non-government and private sectors wanting to improve their practice in sustainability and move their own organisations forward.

We recommend the following people attend;

  • Local Government staff in Chile or Latin America.
  • Teachers and educators or staff from education ministeries.
  • NGO staff in Chile working for inclusive business and entrepreneurial innovation.
  • Business people commercial engineer exploring ways of doing green business, transforming business.
  • University staff.
  • Young professionals seeking a career as a sustainability professional.
  • Central government staff seeking to understand sustainability.
  • Presidents of Junta Vecinos.
  • Gaia University graduates wanting to extend their competency.
  • Permaculture Design Certificate holders seeking career pathways in regenerative design.
  • Permaculture designers seeking to understand regenerative design.
  • Ecovillage network members seeking to revitalise their practice.
  • Transition Town planners looking for innovative solutions for their own projects.

If you want to make a powerful contribution to a more regenerative, just and peaceful planet, then El Manzano may very well be for you.

About the Team


The ERES Latin America team consists of a transdisciplinary collective of individuals working in many sectors who have come together to find solutions to the economic, environmental and social challenges of the day in Latin America and the world.

Through a local to global network of we are working with local communities all over Chile and Latin America to develop sustainable and replicable solutions.

Read more about ERES here.

Facilitators 2012

Below are the biographies of our lead facilitators for the 2012 Chile workshops.

Grifen Hope

Grifen Hope was born in New Zealand in 1976 and grew up in an alternative community. Immersed in patterns of sustainability, he developed a repertoire of basic values, knowledge and skills for living simply and designing resilient systems. As a teenager, Grifen discovered permaculture and later began exploring regenerative design with an international community of people with a shared vision for a different future.

In 2007 he travelled to Chile with his partner, Javiera Carrión. Together they realized that an opportunity existed to hasten the development of the Transition Movement in Latin America. As they looked around for support to develop a regional center of the Permaculture Master Plan, Gaia University emerged as a viable option for: developing competency in Literacy for Sustainability, attaining a masters degree in Integrative Ecosocial Design and helping to develop the center they had envisioned.

Javiera Carrion

Having travelled the world in search of wisdom, Javiera found it at home where she started: the seeds of sustainability were contained in the common sense of her own, Chilean people. Javiera studied agricultural engineering and, following her nose, entered the workforce as a grape grower and wine maker. She then began to explore agroecology, biodynamic farming and organic agriculture. Inspired, she returned to her roots and mobilized her family to begin the process of transitioning their farm to organic.

During her student days, Javiera discovered permaculture, and after a long search for the right place and time, attended a permaculture design course in New Zealand in 2006. Having resonated deeply with the idea of transition, she set out to push the development of the transition movement in Chile and Latin America.

About the Admin

This workshop is coordinated and run by the regional ERES BioBio provider, El Manzano. If you have any questions about this workshop feel free to contact Carolina by email or on 02 63737763.

Booking & Payments


There are two options.

• Apply for the one off workshop please fill the Booking Form here.

• Apply for the Diploma Pathways fill the Application Form here.

Please complete the required form to reserve your place, and pay the required fees. We will contact you promptly regarding any further information you might need in the lead up.

Please communicate directly with Javiera Carrion for all inquiries.


CLP$ E3 104.000 | E2 156.000 | E1 208.000

Payments are defined by the Sliding Scale which is based on your income and ability to pay. Price includes food, accommodation and course materials. This is a very affordable experience that has life long benefits. Consider it a wise investment.

The scale works like this:

If you make up to USD $10,000 you pay the E3 price, earn USD $20,000 pay the E2 price, and if you make USD $30,000 or more you pay full E1 price. Please pay honestly based on your income.

If you are confused please contact us.

domo el manzano chile

Option 1

Earlybird Price: take advantage of our earlybird price and pay (10% less) E3 94.000 | E2 140.000 | E1  187.000 now ... only available until 22 January 2012.

Option 2

Deposit Now - Full Price later: Pay a deposit of (25%) E3 26.000 | E2 39.000 | E1 52.000 now and pay the remainder of E3 78.000 | E2 117.000 | E1 156.000 by 8 February 2012.

Payments can be made by PalPal, direct credit to our bank account, by cheque or cash.

Click here for Payment Options

Discounts & Deals

Pay in full before 22 January and pay the Early Bird price. E3 people bring a friend and pay only CLP$94.000. E1 people bring a friend and pay only the E2 price US$156.00 each.


El Manzano, Cabrero, Biobio, Chile

El Manzano is a regional centre of an international learning community. As a farm, school and community this living university is a working demonstration of sustainable living, of beginning the transition step by step towards sustainability.

In El Manzano the intrepid visitor will find a broad array of tools and techniques for sustainable living that encompass the ecological, socio-cultural, economic and spiritual dimensions of sustainability. From native restoration to sustainable forestry, broad acre cultivation and orchards, to intensive gardens and handmade homes, here is a place in Transition.

Food & Accommodation

Better than organic! The course price includes breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon tea, and dinner all made with local produce from our gardens and the BioBio region. We pride ourselves on the quality of our food production and its cooking as an art full science.
Participants will be involved in some kitchen activities on a daily basis.
Accommodation will be provided by El Manzano. We have a range of options including camping, shared room, and private rooms. Contact us for specific details and let us know your needs. There are also various options close to El Manzano including in Salto de Laja and Cabrero. Please look here for details.

Transport Getting to El Manzano

By Bus: There are daily bus services from Santiago and anywhere else in Chile to the Terminal de buses en Cabrero. From Cabrero you can get to El Manzano by Taxi.

By Air: there are daily air services to the main city in BioBio of Concepcion. From Concepcion you can get to Cabrero by bus, and then to El Manzano by Taxi.

By Train: There is a daily service between Santiago and Chillan. From Chillan you can get to Cabrero by bus, and then to El Manzano by taxi.

By Car: The directions below are very accurate but some of the roads are poorly signposted and easy to miss. To calculate travel times and to print a detailed map of your trip see the map here.

Insert Javieras info here.

Insert Map here.


We know that our children are the leaders of today and tomorrow, and so we encourage you to bring your children. We provide a childcare service for children over 3 years of age. This will cost an additional $10,000 per child per day which includes food and experienced care.

Please indicate on the Booking Form that you intend to come with children.

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